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Originally Posted by BlueF87M2 View Post
You are telling this now , wait to see the full electric or hybrid M cars !!
Well, yeah....compared to electric or hybrid M-cars in the future, I'd have to say that today's M2/M3/M4 are pretty analog. But if you think about that, as each generation passes, things tend to get less and less analog. Today, any car offered with a manual transmission will be more analog than a car that doesn't offer manual transmission. As far as transmissions go, nothing even comes close to manuals as far as being analog is concerned.

Consider a Tesla Model 3 Performance. That's pretty much the polar opposite of an analog driving experience. It's an electric car that's definitely quick, but it can basically drive itself and it doesn't make any good noises and it doesn't even have a transmission, manual or automatic. That's what I think we'll see eventually for ALL future performance cars. A truly digital driving experience. So hold on to your analog ICE cars as long as you can, even if they aren't considered truly analog by even today's standards because they'll definitely be more analog than these future cars that we're already starting to see today.