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Unhappy Fractured My Wrist during Muay Thai Training!

Yep! and get this, it occured while training on the heavy bag. My hands were wrapped properly and I was wearing 16oz gloves (all of which are required by our Kru when training). Our usual bag routine consist of 3-5 rounds mixing up "quick strikes" with "power strikes" when cued to do so. Well, on the 3rd round while setting up "power strikes" I threw a left jab, right elbow, left hook combo. Upon landing the left hook the bag swung towards the inside of my left palm and upon impact my left wrist hyperflexed. At first I thought it was just a sprain, but after checking with a doc I was told that i fractured my left wrist, more specifically my left scaphoid bone.

The scaphoid was completely fractured and displaced. Basically the bone was broke in to two pieces and no longer in its correct anatomical postition. Pins and screws will be required to set the bones back in place and the procedure will be done under general anesthesia. Estimated time in a cast is about 12wks if all goes well. I'm due for surgery in a few days.

My entire summer will be spent in a cast! Sorry for the rant I'm just terribly "bummed"!:mad:

Here's a pic of the xray. The arrow points to the fracture. What appears to be 2 seperate bones should anatomically be only one!!

I guess I'll be hanging these guys up until the doc okays me to train again