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Originally Posted by nine4surfah View Post
Im currently training at Undisputed in San Diego. It's basically an all out MMA type of gym teaching a variety of disciplines. our MT Kru is Anan Burisut but I only see him on rare occasions. Most of the MT classes I attend are instructed by Either Scotty Dingas or Jhanex Alviz. Believe or not we are taught to throw hooks with palm facing you. I know there are lots of argument about this technique but that is how they do it. If you were to throw a hook with palm side down then the instructor will "swiftly" correct you. Their rational is with the palm side facing you the hook is "tighter", faster and will protect your wrist.....

Thank you all for the kind words! I'm planning to use this thread as a blog and keep it updated with my progress. Thanks again....Randy

I've actually heard of Anan. He's a good trainer!

We're taught the opposite way for the very reason why you fractured your wrist. LOL I know each trainer has their own ways, so whatever they feel like works the best, they'll teach you. Either way, good luck on your injuries! Make sure you wrap your palm or wrist a little more now to prevent further injuries! Some people actually use two hand wraps for one hand.