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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
Bulls were overrated. Officials darlings. You had fouls called on you for just looking at Jordan.
Texas teams ruled!
Mavs in 2011 played the "right" way. Great teamwork.
Late 90's Rockets had Hakeem. What a great player.
Spurs. Well, they've been playing the "right" way for 30 years now.
Well thats when it really ended for me..
when the league felt they needed to protect their darling $$$-maker Jordan
imo thats when the WWF ref-shepparding of games really started

however the Bulls were definitely NOT over-rated
I watched nearly every one of their games for a couple of seasons and Mr. Jordan is Mr. super-clutch for sure
one could argue the Lakers - Celtics - Sixers teams of the slightly prior era were better and there would be many valid points
but imo the Bulls were still a great team esp the squad that pushed 70 wins