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Originally Posted by evanescent03 View Post
2018 M3 DCT comp pkg and MPE vs 2016 M6 DCT comp pkg and MPE

Engine note:
M3 much better than without MPE
M6 much better than M3 with MPE but rather quiet inside and synthesized, very nice outside

Engine power (I had 2 F80s a while back, traded a stag 1 tuned S3 and also just got rid of my 455hp/tq camaro SS 1LE):
M3 is good. Poor delivery to the ground due to the choppy ride in a curved on-ramp. Still a fast car with plenty torque.
M6 also has a little trouble harnessing all the power but delivery feels smoother due to better damping.


M3 felt quite a bit more harsh than my 2015 F80 (adjustable suspension) or my 2016 F80 (passive suspension). My rear seat passenger commented on how rough it was. Bad highway section by still. Not quite "nervous" feeling but with the M3 I expect a fairly compliant ride that can also hold up to track duty. This felt like a track-first suspension. My SS 1LE had an amazing suspension and the "soft" vs "track" settings were VERY different and both still super smooth, just more or less bounce.

M6 just felt sooo much more complaint but still composed through the turns... more like the 1LE (sacrilege, right?). The adjustability is there, but not immense. I haven't really ripped on it but it definitely feels large so I'm interested to see how well behaved it is when being pushed.


M3: very nice, aging but still clean and functional. Upright seating makes it feel slightly more roomy for knees and feet in the back, according to my friend. Visibility is also very good in M3.

M6: interior is pretty WOW. Full leather, alcantara ceiling, B&O, 100-way adjustable seats with cooling, heat and massage, all driver tech goodies.. comfortable seating position with noticeably worse visibility.

Both are adequate but M6 has carbon ceramics so ... gotta make sure I get rid of the car before a full brake service.

M3 looks super aggressive, love it,

M6 is beautiful and has a more subtle look to it, but still a great looking car ... lonnngggg

Both great cars, the M3 is playful while the M6 is stable and smooth... more what I was looking for this time and with a prior MSRP of like $165k, the M6 was a great value!
F12 M6 is the sexiest BMW of all time IMHO. Love everything about the beast.
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