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Originally Posted by phillyd2 View Post
That's good. Right now I'm also carry this Tire Mobility Kit
Yeah when I had my f30, I just had like a 3rd party slime kit similar to that once i switched to non runflats (i think i had kumho ecstas, and they were WAY better than the runflats for like 1/3 the price). On the configurator for the X3 xdrive30i for example... the non runflats are only on the 19" wheel option.

THeres 2 options. runflat and non. If you get non runflat, it automatically adds the "space saver spare for $150" in the Options tab.

Which is awesome. SO basically non runflats cost $150 less ... but you have to add the $150 spare. You always have the option of adding the spare even with runflats.... so in a way the non runflats actualyl cost $150 (if you wanted the spare anyway I suppose)