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Originally Posted by alex2364 View Post
Rain or shine, I've never had my M4 going sideways at a stop light when driving normally. If you're going sideways you either need new tires or let up on the gas.
Could be the tires, but if it is then the stock continentals it came with must be really awful. I had traction issues even when they were new. The last time it happened I was truly shocked at how little gas it took to slip in the rain at a light. Normally I barely give it any because I know how poor the traction is, but I gave it a tiny bit more that time just to pull ahead of a minivan and that's all it needed for the rear tires to break loose. I can drive it safely in the rain without going sideways, but I have to really baby the throttle and slowly roll off at each light. I cant use any of the cars power for a good portion of the year here.