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Originally Posted by Spgm5 View Post
I think we go Oline in FA and address dline and any other defensive holes through draft. I'm hoping our defensive play gets better with Quinn calling the plays like he did towards the end of the year or our SB season.

Cut Alford and reed, and extend Beasley for cheaper than his current 5th year option because that bum ain't worth 12 mil a year. That should put us half way decent in the cap to extend Grady and Julio.
Agree. This draft is too good to not go D and we are historically pretty bad at drafting offensive lineman.

I think Neal and Allen fooled me into thinking Alford is better than he is. Now is the time to cut him while we have an out and young talent. Vic has his moments so I'd extend him of we can do it for the low. Maybe he'll wake up, but prob not.

Free HAS to stay healthy this season and earn his worth. Sucks we will prob lose Coleman as someone is going to pay him what he's worth.