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What changes do you think will come to the M340i for MY2021? Are you waiting?

I'm waiting for the 2021 for the following reasons:
  • I simply wont buy another first year BMW (twice and both times had issues)
  • Interior/Exterior color availability (looking for at a minimum red interior)
  • MSport port installed (or otherwise) parts availability should be caught up
  • Aftermarket will have had a year+ with the car if there is something I want to do relative to suspension, cosmetics etc...things should be sorted out by then
There are a couple of mine. That said, jealous of you guys that are already rolling around in your M340's enjoy!

Anyone else waiting? If so why (other than your lease isn't up until then)? :-)

Moderator Note: This is not a "wish-list" thread. The idea is to keep in perspective what types of changes happened in early model years of past BMW models, and discuss whether those or other plausible updates make sense in the context of the G20 M340i.