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One thing I'll point out, that many might already realize, is the longer the Giulia sits on dealer lots, the more attractive the offers and discounts are becoming. I saw a new 2018 quadrifoglio dropped all the way to mid 50s. I didn't dig deeper to see what the details were, but if there are left over '18 quads being offered for the cost of a well optioned 330i, that's hard to resist.

In some regions of the US, like the NE, the dealer situation isn't bad either. I have the feeling though, if I walk into an Alfa dealership looking for a quadrifoglio, it would be difficult to leave without buying it. Compound that with the fact that, on some level, I'd want to be talked into buying it, and id be a relatively easy mark for a skilled sales person. Car sales staff are often very perceptive, and despite what you think is a good poker face, they tend to sense your mind set if you're an enthusiast type. Then again, who else would be interested in buying a rwd Italian sports sedan in the northeastern US. You're either not playing with a full deck, or you're the type who comes to life when in control of 500+ hp. Anyway, got to be sensible, no impulsive car purchases... My F36 might not be a youngster anymore, but she's perfectly fine...I think.