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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
Didn't even hurt when it happened. Not for me at least. Sounds super cocky but losing that superbowl was like losing the AFC wildcard. The fact they they are in the SB so much and have won and lost a decent amount already, the loss doesn't sting nearly as much as say, a Falcons fan or fan of a team who rarely gets to the SB. Not as a dig to any Falcons fans, but after Brady got his 5th and staged that insane comeback, anything after that for me is just playing with house money. More would be great, but if not - who cares. They've proven enough.

So it can be a blessing or a curse I guess. Blessed from all the success but cursed because its not as special after all these SB appearances. All i know is that I'm extremely lucky for this unprecedented length of success so whether they make it to the SB, win, lose, or even the playoffs - i'm just going to enjoy it while they are competitive since thats what this game is all about. Once TB12 and/or BB are gone, its really hit or miss as to how the culture and success of the team will continue.
Your correct, once TB is gone it will be much much harder for them.

I will say this though. NE is very fortunate for being in the weakest division in football. probably for the better part of the last 25 years. that helps them a lot. basically 6 wins in the bank every year.