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Oh really?
What Scott was saying is actually the opposite intent of what you're saying... he was saying that by BMW leaving the regular G30 grills in place on top it was a funny way of leaving the true grills exposed at the bottom while having non-believers think they had their "gotcha! Told ya so" moment.

The big grills were mentioned almost 2 years ago on this forum... those that paid attention knew this was coming for a while now.
I get what you are saying but how reputable was the big grills mention of this forum 2 years ago. Plus, whose to say that they will be this sharp edged thin slat design as rendered? So far I havent seen this confirmed, so I still take it as a guess. Also they look so bad that its hard to believe, especially if you imagine US plates as I alluded to.

Bmw could still be laughing their ass off as we make renders like this when the M grill wont be nearly this radical.