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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
That's why I posted my link from the Ferrari-rumble . To show that SEB is in rage !
By his rage he will make even more mistakes in the next races .As we know a F1-driver has to be calm behind his steering wheel , and make the right decisions and actions in a fraction of a sec.

The influence from his rage in the race , one should not underestimate... while we know he's already under huge pressure by his younger team mate Charles who won the last 2 races .
The whole trouble is between Seb's ears .... No good !
HE NEEDS A MENTAL COACH! Today there was a celebration at Ferrari and he wasn't there, he was in Switzerland. If I were him I would be the first to celebrate and prove that I'm still part of the team. But I'm a mere mortal and he a 4 time WDC! I hope he gets his mindset correct and shows what we all know he's capable of.