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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
M340i is essentially really just a 340i with an M-Sport package. Not a bad thing, as its a great improvement from the F30 but yeah, the M badge really just stands for Marketing, don't let it sway your expectations that you'll be getting an "M3 Lite." It drives like a faster 330i with less feedback coming through the steering wheel (M340 has the old steering rack, 330 gets the new one). This review I thought is pretty reasonably similar to what we're talking about.

Test drive a C300 and C43 and it feels like two different cars. The 43 gets more from the 63 in regards to how it drives and feels on the road. Mercedes makes some decent sports cars today - who would have thought we'd have been able to say that years ago! - the C43, E53 and CLS53, even the GLC43 are really good cars, and in reality, thats better for us, the enthusiast, more choices in the market!
Well, I mean... the C300 is a much lower bar than the 330i Makes it easier to drive like the higher tier car. After driving all 5 (c series, available 3 series) I did actually have a hard time choosing between the C43 and M340. It really came down to personal preference and dealer experience. I like how the BMW drives more than the C43 (theatre only goes so far), and the back seat/trunk worked better IMO. I still think the Merc has the better digital cluster, and the saddle brown seats are awesome.

I really wonder how the 330i luxury trim drives compared to the msport or m340i. I feel like that would be a better comparison with the C300