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Yes... the M8 has not done well in IMSA or the European Lemans series.

Calvin Fish actually stated on air the M8 will be replaced by the M4 in the GTLM class... I can't wait to see what it looks like 😍

The M8 is just too big! I'm a BMW loyalist, but I must say it's my least favorite.
Umm M6 just won Petit Le Mans this weekend and M8 just won Daytona this year. I'm not sure anything aside Le Mans would have been a better result for BMW racing. M6 has also been very successful at Nurburgring and Spa. It's been a fantastic car. M8 perhaps is BMWs most famous race car since F1.

That said M4 really ought to have a racing counterpart so an M8 GTE and M4 GT3 and M2 GT4 makes perfect sense from a marketing sense. Big expensive car fastest class. M4 in the middle and GT4 With the M2.

M6 behind the scenes was a very complicated and expensive GT3 car and in a competitive world of GT3 it wasn't going to outsell the Mercedes or Lambo offering.
The M6 has been a good race car throughout the years... has won several championships and major races around the globe. Bill Auberlens win at petit was epic!

The M8 hasn't been so lucky!