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I wonder which team will be accosted by bandits this year!

Also one of my favorite tracks race-wise but I fear for the teams' safety off track.

All that said I have to love the place because my car is Interlagos Blue.
Two years ago a group of Merc people were robbed on the Friday at gunpoint with one of the team having a gun held to his head. Following that the next day there was attempted robbery of Sauber people,their van was hit late but they kept driving and escaped as already advised by Sao Paulo police. It may be Interlagos's last GP because of this reason and for sure if it happens again this weekend.
I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think the issue will go away by moving the race to another location. It's a band aid fix at best because the government isn't addressing the core issue that causes these robberies in the first place. Then again, the scale of corruption in the government is so widespread that it's not much of a surprised that much hasn't been done to address the core of the issue.