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This is precisely the reason I picked this car over the better sounding better interior C63.

I've never driven a ZF gearbox I liked. They always lag on the paddles.

There is a very good reason almost all Supercars have a DCT.

There is also a very good reason AMG has stuck with a DCT in the A45. The gearbox has to match the character of the car. While it makes sense in an M5 it detracts from the whole dynamic package that an M3 should be.
With the M2 now firmly and successfully incorporated into the M lineup I think us old geysers who were there need to let go of the M3 character as it was conceived and think of it more as a car covering the right edge of the M3 to the left edge of the M5 on a track car scale. The sweet spot of the original M3 is now M2 territory and the M3/M4 is now a trackable GT car instead of a street legal track car.
Perhaps - but the sad the thing is the M2 won't keep its DCT in the next generation.