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This is exactly what they're attempting to cover up. It's disappointing but they're afraid to go their own way on with building a lighter car and minimal power increases. The ZF definitely covers up the higher boost more.
If BMW built a lighter car with modest power improvements, people still wouldn't be happy. The company is in a lose/lose situation when it comes to the smaller, forum-based enthusiast group. If the car was lighter with a modest increase in power, people would complain about how the Mercedes or [insert other manufacturer here] is producing a car with a serious horsepower advantage despite being heavier. People will always find something to complain about.

If Mercedes can manage to put a DCT in an A class AMG hatch surely BMW can put DCT into its most iconic M car?

They won't primarily for cost reasons and It's a shame.

This new car Will Definitely suit those that chase drag strip quarter mile times. That doesn't interest me though.
It's likely that Mercedes will eventually kill their DCT offerings as well. If their DCT is outshined by BMW's automatic, will the fact that they offer DCT really matters that much?!?!