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Originally Posted by VipinLJ View Post
By home charger, I assume you mean the normal wall charger? My Samsung wireless home charger heated up my galaxy a bit. It was also slow. Which is why I hated it and stopped using it after a couple of days. Id rather plug it in using a wall charger instead. I assume its the same in the car too.
My (aftermarket) wireless charger for my iPhone has always kept it warm when its charging; it cools once charged.

For me the big selling point of wireless charging was just that with a small tweak in habit -- placing the phone on the pad instead of just on a table -- it can be always charging without unplugging every time I want to take a call.

There are fast wireless chargers and regular ones, I'm guessing the faster they charge the hotter they get and it's possible BMW went with the "less heat slower charge" version. I won't know until I get my car.

I always thought that such sporadic charge cycles were bad for the battery, but after 2.5 years of that my iPhone 8+ is still at 95% battery capacity.

As long as the wireless charger in the G20 is no worse than regular wireless chargers, I'm going to really enjoy the convenience of just putting the phone in the tray and not plugging / unplugging.