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Originally Posted by chunll2001 View Post
Hey all! Found a little tip if you wanted to save a bit more of fuel.

If the car is fully stopped and you donít have any A/C on, you can push the brake pedal a bit harder to make the auto stop come on if itís not already.

Sometimes Iím at a very long red light and auto stop/start wonít engage the engine even though the engine is warmed up so this little tip would come in handy.

Though it still is very jerky and sucks to feel the whole vibration throughout the car when the engine turns on again.
After additional testing I can replicate this. The car has to be capable to turn off, but not off for some reason. 2 scenarios I replicated were when traffic in front of you keeps slowly moving up, or the car tried to shut off before you fully stopped, and is staying running for a bit.