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Originally Posted by RichM50d View Post
I stand by what I say. Put Hamilton in one of the other cars, and let’s see what he can do. That would be interesting to see.
A good portion of this season Ferrari had the quicker car. Hamilton skill kept Mercedes close in that period. Lewis is the Quali master. Bottas hasn't been anywhere near Hamilton most weekends. Lately Mercedes updates have outpaced Ferrari.

What would Hamilton do in another car? Put him in the Ferrari from the beginning of the season. I see him in the hunt for the championship at this point, if not leading. Since Monza f*ck up, Vettel has squandered an opportunity. Monza 100% should have been a Ferrari win, instead gaining at minimum 5 points he lost 13 points. What does Vettel do next weekend in Singapore, where Ferrari was supposed to be quickest again. Vettel hits wall in practice, putting them behind for quali. The rest is history.

What would Hamilton do in a middle pack car, outperform his teammate and achieve point finishes the car would normally not get with a non-elite driver. Hamilton first championship, he was not in the dominate car. 2008 McLaren won 6 out of 18 races.

Did Schumacher drive a dominate car, did Senna? Hell, McLeran-Honda won every race but one in 1988. Most dominate car in F1 history.