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Yeah Mercs might have the edge but Toyota is whopping both BMW's as and Mercs so that says a lot.

But this ain't a surprise consider how much wider market BMW has gotten with all the new models they have been pouring out like the Minivan and such so i guess their strategy a Car for every customer is working.

Maybe BMW M-Brand should become more standalone and only produce car's in its own factory possibly for the enthusiastic market and a good corporation with BMW i-team then we might actually see them appealing to the traditional BMW fans while the regular BMW at the same time getting new customers who likes driving a BMW but knows nothing about cars to the rest of the market.

I could actually see a bright future if BMW M and BMW i became one and pushed out lightweight cars with all the technology that went in to the i3, you don't have to like the i3 but the car is quite good in terms of technology and also weight.

Let BMW M & BMW I-team do all the BMW m235,m240i,m330i,m340i and also if BMW I-team would do models like BMW i3 M and such with the electric drive train but tuned by BMW M.

And let the regular BMW have the M-Sport packages and such without all the m235,m240 etc... cars.
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