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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
I could see the next M5 having an inline-6 with some sort of electrification added. I think it could be a good idea, the first M5 did have an inline-6 after all, and this could lighten up the front end of the vehicle, and keep the weight similar or lower (as long as they don't put very heavy batteries all over), maybe they'll do something similar to Merc's current 53 series models.
I strongly suspect the next M5 will use the S68 V8 that ynguldyn reported on recently. He expects it will have some sort of electrification (but does not clarify whether that belief is based on actual inside information).

Keep in mind, Mercedes has already stated publicly that they are hybridizing their M177 V8 to the tune of 800hp. Although it is not clear yet what vehicles that setup will find its way into, it seems a good bet that the next E63 would be among the beneficiaries (even if it does not get the full 800hp potential).

At some point in the long transition to pure electric performance cars from traditional automakers, hybrid six cylinder powertrains are likely to take over where V8s are being used today in some top-tier products. But as far as the Germans are concerned, I think we are still at least one more generation away from that happening.