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Originally Posted by MarkDemma View Post
So this might be contrary to most folks opinions ... but my feeling is that if I'm going to be leaving my manual shifter behind, may as well go full electric. There, I said it.

The fact that a regular electric sedan is already pretty much on par with a current M3 and looking at the numbers they are showing with the new Tesla Roadster, it won't be long until electric sports cars will have left ICEs in the dust.

I kinda already figured that my M240i (yes, not a "real" M) will be my last ICE car. Living 20 feet from the water and knowing that where I live will be under water in perhaps 20 years time kinda hits home that things are going to have to change.
Ya, It's not like you see M's road tripping on hours long drives. Sure there's a small group of owners who track their cars but I suspect the vast majority are used as grocerygetters/commuters. That's something EV excels at.
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