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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
Usually his reviews are better than this. Not really much discussion about the driving experience. I get that its an older vehicle, and not a press vehicle, so it can't be pushed hard, but he's usually much more descriptive with how the cars drive and feel.
His explanation of the driving experience is spot on....the car is not as exciting as you would expect, much more luxurious and supple. When you're driving along, you have no idea what its capable of until you throw the car into a corner or really get on the gas. Even the exhaust is extremely quiet on the inside (yes the startup is amazing but it quiets down once you get going and barely hear anything while you're cruising)

Even though it doesn't have a hardcore sports feel, its probably the most satisfying car I've driven because it blends sport and luxury so damn well. The ride is A LOT better than my 2017 530i m-sport...and yet the handling is much better too. It does everything in a satisfying way. It's not raw like an E36 M3, which I drive on the weekend, but its more satisfying overall because it feels so much more expensive/luxurious than even the modern 5 series, does everything so well, and still gets you completely enveloped in the driving experience
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