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Originally Posted by shay2nak View Post
LA show sucks. It's boring for years. Since 2008 if any LA peeps can figure out what I mean. I sent them a nice email last week. Haven't heard back and probably won't. lol

I don't know who's running/organizing it, but they are f*cking it up. No more Preview Night and no more exotics. Concours Hall taken over by Galpin the last few years. The show is bullshit now.
100% agree. When I first went they had an HUGE section like it was a mini-SEMA. Hundreds of vendors, tons of exotics and other cool cars. You could actually go up to these vehicles and look inside. I had a blast and went for a few years straight.

Now it's incredibly boring. You will often find more kids sitting inside the cars than actually interested customers. And if you do want to sit inside, you have to wait until the KIDS ARE DONE. This happens in literally every car the entire show. Fighting for seats against kids who cannot even drive. It's like an amusement park for parents and their kids.

I probably won't go