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I think the argument is more about trickle down technology. Meaning the second highest tier 3 series on the new platform (M340) is more comparable to the highest tier 3 series car of the F platform. I personally believe they are are NOT equal, but I don't think anyone is arguing an M340 will be equivalent to the G80 M3. But the M340 does rival the F80 on paper, I think it comes up short, but not as short as it will to the G80.

It's like bicycle components. Thai years 105s, are better than 3 year old Ultegras.

My opinion is the m340 will check MANY boxes, and it will fulfill many of the boxes of current F80 drivers, but it's still not fully on par driving wise. But it is a compelling vehicle. Albeit, I think the F30/f80 looks better. But I'm sure that will change with time