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Let's not forget in 2016 he only lost the championship to his teammate, Nico, by a mere 5 points. Lewis was on the podium all but 2 races (vs. Nico's 4 no-shows) and also suffered an additional retirement over Nico due to engine failure in Malaysia. With his consistency that season, the engine failure made the difference. I also feel like Mercedes was favoring Nico over Lewis that season for some reason, as was evidenced by their repeated orders to not push Nico back into 3rd in the last race in Abu Dhabi, which would have also given the championship to Lewis instead of Nico. In that race, Mercedes was saying they were worried about losing 1st to Vettel and Ferrari, but we all know Lewis would have never let that happen in those late stages of the race and with how he was racing up to that point. They wanted to ensure Nico won it, even though Lewis was ending the season on a streak of utter dominance, winning the last 4 of 5 races straight out of that untimely retirement in Malaysia.

He should have won that season too. The dude is an outright beast in Formula 1, and anyone who suggests it was luck or anything other than his own talent and greatness is just plain jealous of his accomplishments in the sport. He's not my favorite driver on the grid, but I'd be a fool to argue that he is not the best. Btw, he'd be on the podium every race still even in a Force India (they have had decent race pace this year!) He's going to win 6 or more championships when it's all said and done.