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Hi everyone, first post. I've had my M340 for the past 3 weeks now so I thought I'd share some thoughts so far. I upgraded from a 2016 328 when I picked up my new ride but I was initially in the market for a new 440 or a pre owned 2018 M4 at the time.

We stopped by the dealership to do a couple test drives and I mentioned to the salesman that I really liked the look of the new g20s, especially the m340. He said he had one that we could test drive while they were getting the 440 with the options I wanted ready to take for a spin so I said "great!". Big mistake. The interior is excellent and the tech is fantastic plus so much more intuitive. My 328 had the idrive 5 which was adequate enough but the touch screen on the new idrive 7 system is so quick and responsive. The car drove so well and I fully admit, I had my heart set on the m340 from that point on.

I did test drive the 2019 440 but the interior felt so dated in comparison and the drive just wasn't as fun. Where the 340 was zippy and responsive in the turns and throttle response (especially in sport and sport plus mode) the 440 felt cumbersome, even with the M package. It's a bigger car, carrying more weight with less power and not the best weight distribution so maybe that isn't surprising. But the sheer contrast was quite striking to me. I should have test driven an M4 instead but just couldn't get over the interior to be honest.

So we did the deal, and I drove my new m340 off the showroom floor. So how has she been so far? I'm in love! The power on tap, even in comfort mode is a joy. The steering and throttle is forgiving and smooth for daily driving but throw her into sport and they become quick and responsive. Sport plus is all about high revs so she won't shift down unless you step in and use the paddles. And that exhaust note is so sweet in all it's burbly glory!

Like I mentioned, the tech is great and I love the interior. We got the leather option on mine but I test drove a car with the sensatech and it still felt premium.

All in all, I love driving her! Anyone who is on the fence, go for a test drive and see for yourself and anyone who is waiting to take delivery of one, you're going to love it!
Thanks for the detailed review. It's funny, I found the opposite, that the 435i gran coupe felt lower, and more nimble than a 335i, haven driven both. Also, the 4 series has a more even weight distribution than the co parable f30. The rear hatch style tailgate that's adds more weight, adds it to the rear, giving the car about perfect 50/50 weight distribution front to rear.
I don't know what it was. I cannot discount that I was probably looking for reasons to dislike the 440 but it just didn't feel right to me. I should also disclose we were looking at the gran coupe. The turn in felt not as responsive. The throttle response was more GT like than sport sedan which I think makes sense for the 4 series.

That said, when you compare the 2 cars - add the M package to the 440 and the prices start to come very close. For similar money, you're getting more power and torque plus a refreshed interior with the 340. BMW tweaked a lot of the M stuff you get too (Springs, diff, rigidity).

All I know is that if we use the m340i as an indicator of what's about to come, the new m3 and m4 are going to be EPIC!