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Originally Posted by mbanck View Post
What about the F34? There have been reports in the german press that it would get EOP'd next year due to space constraints in Dingolfing and plans to build electric drivetrains there. That doesn't sound very logical to me, but?
Originally Posted by xlover View Post
With the G22 m440 leaning xdrive only do you see any plans to kill the USA only m340 rwd?
Both of these questions are hitting in my blind spot: I know how long each model _can_ exist but I can't say if that potential lifecycle is going to be shortened by external factors. For example, when BMW stopped selling F06/F12/F13 earlier than the original EOLs of those models, it was as surprising for me as for everyone else because that was driven by sales and/or Dingolfing constraints, that is the same factors that could affect F34 and M340i RWD.

In the case of F36 above I can answer with more confidence because I know there's a direct successor to the model and I know when it's planned to be introduced. There's also no plant change: the same production line building F36 today will start building G26 two years from now.

Going back to M340i RWD, there's one thing that makes me think it's here to stay: it'll be built at SLP. That plant is focused on the U.S. market so the models it builds can be unique to the U.S. without creating too much inefficiency in the rest of the system.

Also - as long as y'all keep buying it, BMW will keep building it.