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I wonder how they are coming up with the 50% number. Is it every possible variant including 2wd and 4wd? At the moment you've got:

UKL platform which still has some older ~2014 released Minis has 15 variants:

B38 6MT fwd/4wd
B38 7DCT fwd
B38 6AT fwd plus electric motor at rear
B48 6MT fwd/4wd
B48 7DCT
B48 8AT 4wd

B37 6MT fwd/4wd
B37 7DCT fwd
B37 6AT 4wd
B47 6MT fwd/4wd
B47 8AT 4wd

CLAR platform G platform only (ignoring the F22, F32 as they are effectively EOL) has 17 variants:

B48 6MT rwd
B48 8AT rwd/4wd
B48 8AT rwd/4wd plus electric motor
B58 8AT rwd/4wd
S58 8AT 4wd
B58 8AT 4wd plus electric motor
N63 8AT 4wd
S63 8AT 4wd
N74 8AT rwd/4wd

B47 8AT rwd/4wd
B57 8AT rwd/4wd

What do you kill? We know the N74 is going away, perhaps the B37 will go away and the 7DCT in UKL might go away too, plus removal of some of the 6MT UKL variants as the old Mini chassis gets replaced. If you look at the F40 for example you only get 8 variants. That counts as about 50% of the variants being deleted already.

B38 6MT fwd
B38 7DCT fwd
B48 8AT 4wd

B37 6MT fwd
B37 7DCT fwd
B47 6MT fwd
B47 8AT fwd
B47 8AT 4wd
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