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Originally Posted by louscrw View Post
Has anyone attempted to hardwire a radar detector and/or dash cam in the G20 yet? I've been looking around trying to figure out the best location and haven't had any luck finding a switched 12V source. Here are some key points so far:

1. Fuse box in the trunk:
1.a. This location would work; however, there doesn't seem to be a good place to ground back there. Everything you can see/feel when removing the little cover piece exposing the fuse panel is plastic. Admittedly, I haven't removed any carpet to expose metal.

2. The fuse box in the passenger foot well:
2.a. This fuse panel seems to be ideal, several places to ground and shorter distance to run wire; however, I cannot find a switched 12V. Each fuse location I try is constant power. I haven't tested any of the mini fuses bc the AAC I have is standard, so I was hoping to find a standard fuse to use. If I need to purchase a mini AAC, I'm sure the $10 won't "break the bank" LOL.

3. Mirror tap set-up:
3.a This is by far the easiest answer. I've done it in all my vehicles and have the mirror tap wires already that I removed from my trade in; however, I have no idea which pins do what. There are two connectors under the mirror trim piece. A larger black one feeds wires into the mirror itself and the smaller red one. I'm assuming the red one is for rain sensing wipers (?)

I've called my local service dept, and they either were unwilling to tell me or just didn't know, but I got nothing out of them. I called a buddy of mine who works as a mechanic at an import shop, but he said they haven't received wire schematics or much information on the G20 yet.

Did you ever find a spot?