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Originally Posted by 530iDriver View Post
BMW has the FWD 1 series sedan in China, Mexico and other overseas markets.
Correct, and that's the point of my post.

BMW has other models that they could be building or importing to the US but have chosen not to for various reasons.

1)- prior generation 1er 3dr hatchback and 5 dr models left in Europe.

2)- prior generation- no E8x 1 er sedan

3)- 1 series sedan made for China only

4) 2 series F87 - no sedan model

5) 2 series sedan in Mexico - A late response to robust market sales of CLA has caused BMW to try and catch up here... BMW is bringing over a single version... no hot rod models.. - still short shrift.

in other words... BMW has lost market share in the US (particularly to Mercedes) ... as they have transferred their focus to X models and large sedans and declined to bring any compact sedans or hatchbacks to the US market.

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