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Originally Posted by ShocknAwe View Post

Transmissions are garbage. Awd bias is fwd. Engines are fragile and underspecced. And don't get me started on how big and heavy they are now. want.
The transmissions (auto any way) are bullet proof and have been since at least 2004.
Manuals have a bad rep..probably deserved.

Engines: The old EJ N/A engine was a dud no question. But if you got the HG's fixed they were bullet proof also. My granddaughter has my 2008 with 205K miles and no sign of failing. The EJ turbo engine is and always was a good engine. 310HP out of a 2.5L.

The FA engine introduced in 2012 has been voted to the top 10 in Wards Enges imported into the U.S. 3 times in 7 years. It stands head to head with Nissan's VQ six cylinder acknowledged my many as the best 6 cylinder engine ever produced. The Newer FB series 2.0 and 2.5 meh..average at best.