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The All New BIMMERPOST Navigation Bar

The All New BIMMERPOST Navigation Bar

The All New BIMMERPOST Navigation Bar

We are proud to release the latest addition to the site, our new navigation bar.

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The idea behind this bar was to make it easier to login and navigate the various sections of the site, and also keep all the critical notifications you may want in one easy to access location. To give you an idea on how to use the bar, I've put together this guide.

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Clicking here will return you to the BIMMERPOST homepage at anytime.

2: Userdata
This is the main login / logout box. Clicking on your own name will take you to your profile page.

3: Notifications
This is the main area of new functionality, and is further explained below.

4: Forums Navigation
You may navigate to the specific forums for any given BMW model here. These are usually subdivided by chassis type.


When you open up your notifications, you will get a list of various forum activity that relates to you. For example, if someone replies to a thread of yours, you will get a notification. If someone sends you a PM, you will get a notification. A typical Notification screen will look something like the one below:

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The most important thing to note is that we have built in several user customizable functions, which can be access by pressing the Settings button (highlighted in green above).


Clicking on the Settings button will bring up the following menu:

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The Tray
"The Tray" adds a second layer of functionality to the Notifications bar. You can choose between four options:

None: The Tray will be OFF
Pending: A list of pending items, the tradition list of vbulletin pending items such as your pending friend requests, etc..
News: An up to the minute list of the latest news articles posted on the BIMMERPOST homepage.
PM: A survey of the last few PMs which you have received

New Notification Options
These should be self explanatory. Basically if you do or do not want to see notifications for a certain type, just click the option box.

Of note is the grouping option. The grouping option will group all notifications that relate to the same thread, so if you prefer to see only one notification regardless the number of times people reply to a thread, then this is the option for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!