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Originally Posted by BwoodBMW View Post
I love my F80 but its got some serious traction issues. Its about the worst car I've ever driven at putting its power to the ground. Not even sure people realize how intrusive the traction control is on these cars to keep them aimed the right direction. I've heard the euro mdm coding helps but even in MDM its a struggle.
Your statement is a bit of a contradiction as lessening traction (in euro MDM or MDM) allows more slip/spin, so in on sense makes it harder to put the power down.

That said, the reality is that all BMW's I have driven the traction control systems are way to intrusive. Yes I have see the traction control light in my F80 flashing, but in those scenarios if it was off that doesn't mean the car would have spun out or not driven straight, it is just that if the system thinks any slip will occur it steps in.

Now I am going to contradict myself a bit: MDM feels like you can put the power down better because it actually allows some slip and tires actually reach there max level of grip with some level of slip. I do not feel that the F80 has any traction issues, but it does require proper throttle modulation like any high horsepower car.