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fuck this field
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I was eyeing this car before I decided on a 911 Turbo S. Performance is comparable but the TTS is a better daily and won't depreciate like a BMW (learned my lesson buying BMWs, only lease from now on).

NSX seems like a spectacular car, but the price tag, as everyone stated, puts it in exotic territory. And just like the GTR, it's roots remain a mass produced Japanese car company. Wouldn't pay 150-200k for a Nissan and wouldn't for a Honda either.

Problem is, 80-90% of buyers in that price range and category do NOT track their cars, so they don't give a shit which car performs better... just which one is more exotic and gets more attention (prestige).

Not justifying their thought process, just explaining the market.

On the other hand, if you're comparing this car at 0-5k due at signing and 12-1500 a month lease VS 10-20K due at signing and 3k monthly lease, then yes it's a fantastic deal.
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