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what a schizophrenic product strategy. you find out that there's no market for your car at your initial price point, no matter how good, so you start discounting it until you find the sweet spot. fair enough, and a logical pricing strategy. but then you re-release the same car, with more content/performance, at an even higher price point than the original!

so they basically thinking, oh - i couldn't find many takers at 570hp and $160k, lemme try 650hp and $200k...

as a marketing guy, i'd have to do the marketing research on the slow sales before doing anything different. i'm guessing that the results of that research are not "hey we might be interested in the car but you gotta make it faster and charge us more". i'm guessing what they heard was "i'm not paying $160k for an Acura" or "i don't feel your car is competitive with cars at the same price point".

what they could do is sell the Type R at $160k! that would work, what do ya say, Honda?