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Originally Posted by Wills2 View Post
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The downturn started before Kruger, so he should not take the blame for that.
Of course not but it doesn't matter, they are effectively paid to take the blame hence they have contracts that say if you take the blame we'll give you X millions (because we know it's not going to be your fault)

Very few, baring a few visionaries like Gates/Jobs/Getty/Rockefeller/Buffett/Ford/Carnegie etc...have the gift these other guys are just employees after all, they are very clever and well paid but let's not confuse the two.
We're talking about two different things.

Take the blame in reduced profits during his term, yes.

Take the blame for subpar vehicles like the the F30, E60 and F10 that were before his term, No. Maybe as a the chief accept responsibility for BMW's prior shortcomings, but not take the blame.

Should Nadella take the blame that Ballmer blew it on mobility? No way. And really he should only acknowledge it insofar as the company blew it. As the chief he does not have to acknowledge personal responsibility.