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Originally Posted by Wills2 View Post
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We're talking about two different things.

Take the blame in reduced profits during his term, yes.

Take the blame for subpar vehicles like the the F30, E60 and F10 that were before his term, No. Maybe as a the chief accept responsibility for BMW's prior shortcomings, but not take the blame.

Should Nadella take the blame that Ballmer blew it on mobility? No way. And really he should only acknowledge it insofar as the company blew it. As the chief he does not have to acknowledge personal responsibility.
Nadella doesn't take the blame for Ballmer spending billions on mobile and effectively throwing it in the bin, because cloud.

Krueger has no cloud.

But that doesn't change a thing, you get paid the dollar to take the blame and they are well rewarded regardless of the outcome, give me the job and blame me for everything, I'd cope.

I agreed with you that it isn't his fault but that's how it works at that level, you also get paid to be the "face" and he's struggled in that regard and no one forced him into the position.
I think you missed my post and what I was responding to. It was about BMW moving away from driver centric vehicles. That predated Kruger and I said he does not take the blame for that. And I was saying under his watch some of those things partially redressed.

Driver centric cars probably is of little import to the board. Probably being behind in electric and driverless cars plus the threat of driver sharing platforms is top of the mind. Not to mention some diminished margins of late.

So we were talking about driver centric cars like e46/e39 v bland editions like the f30/f10, not the broader and more pertinent issues that are of concern to BMW investors and the board. In that scope, the move of BMW away from driver centric cars, which predated Kruger, he does not take the blame.

On Ballmer, he dismissed mobility entirely before throwing money at it late when the battle was already lost.

There is an opinion article on Kruger by the way in Bloomberg on May 22 that takes a different view from the board. It was an interesting take. Note I am not saying I agree with the article.