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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
Sorry...I haven't seen any return of BMW to its roots. I see them drifting further and further away every month. AWD M cars with no manual opinion? FWD entry level BMWs?

I see BMW drifting towards becoming Audi Jr. at the moment and it's really quite troubling. The brand seems lost in the pursuit of sales.

The sole bright hope is the M2 and it's still too complicated and heavy.

I hope there is a retro-lightweight resurrection in the next few years a throwback sports coupe but I'm not betting on it based on what I'm seeing.
BMW has been in the pursuit of sales since its inception just like every other for profit company in the world. BMW M2 is simple an light, and all BMWs are the lightest, most driver oriented cars in their classes as of 2019.

BMW has always been a brand that designs and manufactures driver oriented luxury vehicles that are filled with cutting edge tech, not Lotus like super light cars. Very old BMWs were lighter, because all European cars were lighter, because refinement and safety didnít exist.

The interesting thing is that G20 is really light compared to competition: For instance,G20 330i is about 350 lbs lighter than C300. E30 was not even 150 lbs lighter than E190.
In context, BMWs are lighter than before relative to competition.
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