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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Finally, while you may see a lot of vehicles with manual transmissions in Europe, when it comes to brand new premium vehicles, manual transmissions are being offered in very few cases. This is not a matter of BMW cutting features, but an industrywide trend that BMW is forced to recognize and acknowledge in order to compete on costs and remain viable. In fact, in the US, BMW's main competitors, Mercedes and Audi, have eliminated the manual transmission entirely while BMW still offers them on select high performance models.
I guess I should have backed up my observation adding that while I do see mostly 3 pedal cars, very few are spec'd to the enthusiast level. Most F chassis cars here are diesel with at the very best the m sport package.

I rarely see a petrol, turbo cars here since Italy taxes based on output and CC's. An actual ///M car here is more rare than a Ferrari or Maserati.