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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
R8 will be a non warranty nightmare.

If you’re debating between two cars that will spend more time at a dealership than on the road, might as well pick one that has some repairs covered for free.

Even though they’ll still charge you $150 to “diagnose” the problem before fixing it and reimbursing.

My C7 Corvette has a longer laundry list of sh*t that broke than actual thousands of miles driven. And that’s not including half of the sh*t that doesn’t work half of the time, but I just don’t want to deal with paying $150 to a dealership only for them to keep the money and say “can not replicate”.

At least with the C8 you know when sh*t breaks, and it will, it has a reasonable chance of being paid for in the first 3 years, pending GM investigation and 6 months of back and forth. Someone on the Corvette Forum blew up his motor at 3,000 miles, and dealership insist they pay for the tear down to determine if HE is at fault for the necessary engine replacement.
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