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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
Also the OP brought up the mid engine vs. rear engine. The current 911 weight distribution is about 39/61. The C8 is likely to be 40/60. Most cars like 458, current NSX is 42/58. The old 911 is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 34/66. So in that respect, the current 911 will probably drive more like a mid engine car and rear engine. Also the flat 6 will have lower center of gravity vs. V8 or V6 so that will help to offset the weight distribution a bit and dynamically will probably give the car more toward mid engine when the car on the move.

I don't know what's the weight distribution of the original NSX, but the NSX engine is transversely mounted so my guess is it will feel more rear engine than mid engine relatively because most of the engine weight is right on the rear axle. I also heard that the original NSX does have a tendency of losing its rear so there might be some truth to that.

I believe in the current NSX, the original engine configuration which was supplied by the Japan Honda team was transversely mounted, but after the Ohio team had the chance to test drive the car, the handling was found to be unacceptable. After that, the Japan team had to modify the drivetrain to have the engine mounted longitudinally like most mid engine cars.

With respect to the OP engine location preference, I actually think the current 911 will probably have better rear end control vs. the original NSX.
Even Porsche knows the dirty little secret that if they gave the Cayman the same power as the 911's it would kill them.... so they purposely keep them underpowered somit wont threaten their 911.

I just not a big 911 fan, the Cayman is a better drivers car period. Unless you want to spend $150+ on a GT3

I'd much rather have an R8 then a 911 any day anyway

What's the difference between a Porsche and a porcupine?

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