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Originally Posted by jeff113 View Post
A GT350 would be the logical choice, but he said it must be a convertible.
Yeah it has to be a vert, adds a little something to the experience, is an easier sell to the wife and TBH I am stunned how much the kids like it. Just rented an Ecoboost Mustang (No GT's for rent) and both my boys were going nuts in the back.

Originally Posted by dgoldenz View Post
You need to find a way to drive both, they are totally different experiences. I hope your kids are extremely tiny humans if you plan on fitting them into the back seat of a 997
Rented both a base 997 Carrera and a GT stand without the PP or Magnaride. TBH the V8 is compelling, I was surprised as to the revs it likes and it sounds mean AF downshifting. But yeah you can feel the weight.

Kids are 3 and 7, 7 year old is fine behind my wife so i figure i will get about 4 to 5 years before one of them behind me doesn't work.

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I drove a bunch of different 911's before I chose what I wanted. The 991 C2 with the 3.4L is the most balanced, fun street car to me, with that NA engine orchestra when you're wringing it out.
I nearly bought a Carrera T, but the 991.1, base car with PSE was just IT for me.
I do like the back end of the 991 way better but if i am going to drop this sort of coin i guess i am after something a bit unique. You have a very nice colour there, what is it called?

Originally Posted by R N M View Post
What about E93 M3?
Yeah it is/was on the list. RS5 comes into play too at that point but it is AWD which does not fit my criteria. The M3 would likely be the sensible option as I could probably get rid of my car and DD it, saving on insurance etc. My 9-3 wagon is very handy though, weather it's xmas trees or home depot or whatever it just seems to handle everything. The M3 is also uber heavy with the hard top and that engine has it's issues but i may drive one to see what it is like.