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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
If you don't think one canít feel the difference then you mustnít have been in a real fast car before. My 3250lb C6 went from 430bhp to over 600bhp and the difference is astounding when you put your foot in it.
You guys call it bragging rights thatís all good, I call it a ride that can pin passengers deep in their seats and still gives me a rush when I squeeze it hard. I might run it against another car here or there if the opportunity is arises and itís safe but mostly just drive for my pleasure and a passenger if I have one at the time and to the track on occasion.

By the way, I did a centri so it would give a more linear power delivery(like NA) and it spins up to 6500rpm and makes power all the way to fuel shut off.
Hereís an example of a centrifugal SC on an LS. This isnít all bottom but loves to rev and make phenomenal power all the way up. A light weight 400hp car is real fun, add 200 more and itís another world.

My last c6Z was over 600bhp after modding it....the wife rode in it with me once and then never got in it again. My current C6 is about 530bhp. It's not as raw as the Z06 was. The current one she will take road trips with me all day long and likes it aside from the occasional elbow to the ribs if I get out of hand.

But in a 3200lb car, 460/460 to the rear wheel is plenty for me as I have gotten older. Maybe I'm starting to calm down in my old age!
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