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Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
That's not what i said though. i clearly mentioned a tipping point.
You mentioned you didn’t know what 600-700 would do so I was just letting you know a jump from 400-600 hasn’t reached that hypothetical ‘tipping point’ by most drivers who appreciate fast cars standards, I would confidently say. Some don’t and that great, not everyone enjoys the opportunity to accelerate real quick or handle at 1G+.
You also said in a prior post that anything over 400 is just bragging rights. If 400 is fine for you good but many thankfully disagree of where that cut off point is.

Interesting how those who make such pronouncements have cars that don’t reach that plus 400hp threshold and call it a waste and it’s just guys muscle flexing. I’m sure there are some Toyota Corolla owners saying that anything over 300hp is too much and just guys beating their chests. Different strokes, Alls good.
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