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2020 M340i Braking Issues

Anybody experiencing noisy stop and go braking? It's becoming a challenge to brake smoothly and silently, and its starting to irritate me. The brakes grab and make a creaking and farty noise right before a complete and abrupt stop, and then upon release, they make the same sticky farty creaking noise, and its almost impossible to stop smooth.
I'm kind of frustrated because I had a 2019 330xdrive rental for two weeks that didn't have these issues.

My old e60 made those same sounds, but that car was old.

Does this car come with carbon-ceramic brakes? The SA said they make those sounds naturally. I didn't know the 2020 M340i came with carbon-ceramic brakes stock.

I'm currently driving a loaner that also doesn't have the same issues. I can't get the loaner which is another 330i to make that same sounds no matter how hard I try.

Someone, please tell me this is not normal.