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Originally Posted by upsidedownfunnel View Post
Talent doesn't belong to any company. In our market, a person can choose to work wherever they want if a company is willing to pay money for it.

Did you ever wonder why German car makers have similar features. American car makers have similar features and design elements? And why Japanese car makers have similar design features and elements? British cars? Because they all copy off each other. The Korean car industry is fairly new and they've recently started making higher quality cars. They have the benefit of existing in a global car market and their citizens have access to a lot of different cars and have the money to buy them. So it makes sense that they will "borrow" (or you can use the word steal if it makes you feel better) ideas from many different manufacturers. You even see now that German carmakers copy ideas from Japanese cars, Japanese from German (especially in the earlier years of Lexus/Infiniti), etc.

All this talk of copying and "stealing" talent is ridiculous. We are the consumer. Unless you have some vested interest in these companies, all we should care about is if there is more competition (a good thing for us). Prices go down and cars just get better.

I know there are a lot of fragile egos that buy BMWs. So it's only natural that a forum full of keyboard warriors will find any way to dig on companies like Kia. But y'all don't have to be so transparent about it.
as i said, i don't mean derivative as an insult. although i do tend to admire people or companies who are more original and pioneering, so from that perspective i respect Hyundai/Kia a little less.

Hyundai and Kia have a long history of copying design elements from other companies. you can look at all the photos of their cars if you don't believe me. so now i guess they're stepping up and hiring the designer, instead of copying his designs after they come out.

finally, what is this bullshit about fragile egos? what exactly would hurt a BMW fanboi's ego here? that an ex-BMW employee will start designing Kias 6-8 years from now that look like the BMW's of today? it's rich to see someone start transferring bias and blasting insults at 'keyboard warriors' from...behind his keyboard.