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Wow. Looks like I'm gonna be buying my F82 in 3 years.

If they do this "new" BMWs are dead to me
Haha, there were many men before you saying the same, guess what they end up doing? F80 have sold like cupcakes and so will G80s
The difference is the F80/82 didn't/doesn't look like complete shit

This car is a monstrosity of epic proportions.

Fuckin Terrible. The Alfa has a nicer front end and that thing is butt ugly.
I agree with you on Alfa. However the g80 image here is just a render so let's see how the actual car will look like; although, I think it will be close to the render in many ways and I do believe acceptance rate will be high enough for BMW to risk it.
Agreed. It is just a render. I'm sure BMW has done their research on this. Let's all be honest here. The G8x is going to be a fake ///M car anyway with AWD and ZF8 transmission. Sounds like an Audi to me with the horrible YUGE grille to match. The demographics of customers buying a REAL ///M are changing. Those that can will go to Porsche. I've seen so many crybabies scared of RWD on these forums that it makes sense for them to go AWD. BMW going ZF8 is a cost cutting cheeseball move IMO. I told my wife yesterday the days of leasing BMWs and doing ED are most likely over for us and it's no one fault but BMW.

Ok. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled design hate
I think you are right about the changing ///M demographic. The complaints began with the E46 and have just gotten progressively worse. I remember back on E46Fanatics in 2002-2005; so many complaints about the car being too stiff to drive daily, too frenetic, manual transmissions being too hard to drive in traffic, etc. I remember thinking, "What a bunch of pansies! Why did you buy an ///M car if comfort and convenience were your primary concerns?!?" I see many of the same complaints today......only amplified and even more ridiculous. This is why we are now getting these reduced involvement ///M products ( for a few select variants; ///M2 CS, etc.). Nobody wants to work for the reward. They want the car to drive itself.

Case in point from the MT Buyer's thread:

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Who the hell wants to rev match themselves... i see there are so many professional race car drivers on this forum... I can only imagine how many burned clutches they had... if anything auto rev matching is an addition to the pleasure of driving a manual not the other way around! I do however agree, there should be an option to simply turn it on or off in any mode! Personally I would always keep it on as there is no way I can always perfectly rev match as good as the computer, specially on the racetrack!
What "enthusiast" who enjoys developing a skill set says something like that? Granted, I have no issue with the Rev Match feature, but I would gladly do without it if BMW made it easier to shut off (..translation: an iDrive on/off selection). I rev match for myself anyway.